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Cosmos Sumi-e Drawing - 秋桜 (コスモス) -

Some might think cosmoses are pretty slightly flower because we see them dancing in the Autumn wind.

But if you see carefully, you notice cosmos has thick petal. So, when you draw cosmos, you have to have heavy touch on petal part, and soft and thin touch on the stem.

Tips :

1. Petal

  • Heavy black ink.
  • Fork the tip of the hair so that you can depict the divided top of the cosmos petal. To folk it, squeeze, or press only the tip after putting the ink.You can give two strokes for one petal.
  • Shape the tip square. (Remember, you always must have good shape of the brush hair before starting to draw)
  • Drawing direction : Top to the center. Use only the tip part of the hair. You start to draw at the very light touch and keep lightly while moving.
  • At the end of stroke, you pull the brush up little to express the petal end edge shape, which is the connection part with each petal and stamen(the body of the flower).
  • Eight petals in one set. Top two petals first, then the both side of the top and the bottom. The length of the bottom petals are shorter than the top ones. You can accent the length depend on which side the flower face turns in.
  • The flower face direction is important to give your drawing the sense of the flow.    
  • Don't refill ink during the petal drawing. One supply for one set of the flower. You can get good gradation in the one set of the flower.

2. Stamen

  • Need the very black ink. Bend the brush hair. The same shape as the line drawing.
  • Then, just point on the paper, making circle.

3. Stem and leaves

  • Light black ink. Bending hair shape.
  • Both the stem and leaves of the cosmos are so slim.
  • You don't need to be careful about stem and leaves.

Enjoy :)






1. 花びら

  • 花びらの先っぽが、二つに割れてるので、筆の先を割ったり、2回に分けて描くと雰囲気がでます。
  • 花びらは8枚。上2枚を描き、両脇、下部分という順番で描くと、形を取りやすいです。
  • 風を受けてゆらゆらしている感じ、細い茎の先に花びらがついている雰囲気は、花を色々な方向に向かせるとでます。花の方向は、花びらの長さを変えて描きます。
  • 下の花びらを短く、上を長くすると、咲いた直後、上を向いてる感じ、左側を長く、右側を短く描くと、横を向いた感じ、下を向かせるには、上の花びらを短く、下側を長くします。
  • また、1つの花は、墨を付け足さないで描くと、徐々に色あせていく濃淡がシブいです。濃い花、薄い花を描くと、距離感がでます。自分が一番訴えたい花の向き、位置、形、の花は一番濃く描いてアピールしましょう。

2. めしべ、おしべ

  • 真ん中のめしべ、おしべも、結構大きく。

3. 茎、葉

  • 茎や葉は、薄墨で。筆は線描と同じ形にします。
  • それぞれの花に茎がついていることだけ意識しながら、描きます。実際のコスモスの茎が絡み合っているように、絵でもそれほど律儀に描く必要はありません。

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