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Sumi-E Snowfiled Paintng

Hello there.

It's been raining since this morning. I have been wondering since kids days the western people are walking in the rain without umbrella. This comes from some films or TV shows I saw in childhood. well, foreigners in Tokyo are seen rarely walking in the rain with no umbrella..

Tha last year when I played golf in the nice London surburb, my long time question happened to melt down. My guess is; when I started at the first hole, it was clear sky fine weather and England green hills are stretching out. It, however, started raining and was getting colder in the middle of the game. Then, when I got hole out, the blue sky returned over my head. ...hmmm I thought Europe (I know this expression huge...) especially England (I have not knowledge about Scotland or other places in GBR), the rain is falling in the short period. They know that it will stop raining soon.Therefore people don't need to bring umbrella.

In Tokyo, if it is raining in the morning, it will rain when you come back home. so unconsciously I take an umbrella when leaving home. Or, it starts raining during the day, I will buy a plastic umbrella($3-5). I know I need this all day.


1. In sumi-E painting, the colour of the rice paper is the etreme white. The snowfield is expressed without no drawing, which means the snow will show up  the outline.

2. The creek muste be depicted the black which splush out the snow white.

3. Mind the contrast expression will work. See Rembrandt way of painting, he depicts the collar very white. It works to emphasize the face.

4. The black creek streak play a role which takes the viewing eye movement away to the far away mountains. It recalls viewers some memories.

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