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Sumi-E Cherry Blossom Painting

Hi, there.

What flower do you have in mind on your home land?? I have cherry blossom, because it starts blooming in the spring, which  is not only the season for the sun, but for the new school year and fiscal year in Japan. I always remember the first day of elementary school where I could see the water pink colored cherry blossom over the school yard. That is what I recoginize the flower is beautiful. hhh Cherry blossom is the symbol of start, fresh and beautiful for me. How about you??


Cherry blossom could be tough motif for some of you, especially the shape of each flower. Too round looks like the plum and too much oval looks  something diffrent. ONe of important technique of sumi-E is "omitting", "cut middle" or whatever you're saying (sorry, I have merely funny words). I mean, the cherry blossom has five piece of petal  but  you don't need paint all of that. Cut off the two, three is enough. "Realism is not that you depict correct but you think it correct."<- my policy (^_^);  The hair of brush must chopped in two so that you can get split top petal of cherry.

Then, pistel and stamen.Make solid black on brush. Take one breath moment when you put brush on paper and swing. It gives small black round and soft pistel right in the middl e of the flower.

The trunk: Take sumi-ink in the small plate and make thin black ink with water. Put the brush that ink and get solid black ink from the ink stone. Lay the brush horizontally on paper and pull down holding horizontal position.

Scar face on the trunk: Before got dry the trunk ink,  split the hair of bursh and get black ink, arc line gives like round trunk feeling.   

Brunch: Brucn got small rugged.

Small buds should be some of the top of brunch.. Enjoy...

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