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Quadrophenia, Sumi-e Four Seasons

Quadrophenia, this is one of the album I like most and movie as well. When I got ordered four pieces of sumi-e each of which on four season's motif, this great album of "The Who" occured to me.

I saw the movie of "Quadrophenia" back in the high school days. It was very impressive that the rock music can make a noise in the film. The young "Sting" from the Police shows his face as "Ace". I liked skinny mods fashion and Brighton's soft sun light.

The sun light influenced on the art. It was not until I spent the white night that I understood the Shout, Monk, or the "Persistance de la memoire" of Dali. The silence under the sun was wired because my brain automatically imagines the noize of cars and shouting on the street in the sun. The heavy metal music can't be understandable until blasting on California highway. The local motion generates the great art.

It influences on words as well. We don't have a long evening in the summer. I don't fully understand when to use "Good evening" because the sun sinks vertical angle here, then welcome to the night. We don't have time to say "good eveing", it is "good night". The way of expression tied closely to everyday life.

The art is born on the frontier. Crossing the border and mix the local flavor. Tradition is the pile of mixturing. The four season style of sumi-e has drawn non Japanese animals like tigers.

It is bored to just stencil the tradional items. That is brain death. To me, four seasons is the quadrophenia, the Who. The personal expierience with the local technique creates new art.

Please take a few moment to look the collaboration with studio Ren, meister Idumi Murakami.   

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