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Flower Dragon sumie Swinging Scrolling

One evening when been in Laos, Luran brapan, 2003, the towering clouds on the Hymayaran mountains happened to me to understand how the ancient people's thought, fear or respect to the "Nature". This feeling, I guess, is definately what we've maintained naturally. Thunder, flood, storm has always been with us no matter how we like or not. They are away beyond..

Now in the business world we think we have to keep working hard. For what? for the shareholders? to achieve the business goal if you are employed. This is the logial world where if you ask, you find the answer for that soon. However, the plan built by the best and the brightest guys would not work sometimes due to the natural disaster like the earthquake or typhoon. No one could plan them. Planning by the brain would surrender.

So, the balance is needed. The logically thinking helps you to have the future dream. The respect for the "Nature" power would ease you, when you fail. The effort at the goal is necessary in this money world. The success never comes itself. What if you fail? That is because of the nature.

Dragon has shaped good from the three thousand years ago. It represent the river or cloud shape. It never the same. Keep changing.

The flower dragon now finds her world of scroll, or Kakejiku, Japanese style of tapestery. Atlier Ren's meister, Idumi Murakami, makes well her condo. You can see the dragon keep swinging in Murakami's pret a porter scroll. 

see here -> 掛軸工房”連” 村上いづみ

水墨画 龍の描き方 check out YouTube vid for drawing Dragon head.

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