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Give Sumi-e Freedom 水墨画掛軸

Scroll is a lanchbox for the fine art. Rolling it up and just bringing it to anywhere. The scroll drawing originates in 11th - 12th century of the Sohn dynasty. I guess that it was to cater Buddhism icons. After coming to Japan in 11th century, the tea ceremony shifted the scroll up to the art from only the relegious usage. They put the scroll drawing on the wall along with the season change. Various scroll collection is the changable software on the minimal tea ceremony room of minimal. Cherry blossom drawing in the winter makes you feel the spring and warm. Maple leaves lead you to the autumn, forgetting the hot summer, blasting stagnate wind. The scroll art has developped since then. The style optimizes for it to be pretty from the sitting veiw point.

A scroll meister Idumi Murakami of Studio Ren, winds new blow in the tradion. Few places for scroll in the westernized Japanese rooms. She is, residing in Fukushima prefecture the northern Japan, creating the pop scroll. Indigo blue jeans and colorful frame impresses us freshy modern image. Living this colorful world flooding industrial advertising posture, Murakmi's flavor releaves the high wall of the tradional abstruse style.

With the collaboration of Murakami, sumi-e works breath new air. Please check the above photo for more aesthetic.

掛軸工房"連" 村上いづみ http://blog.livedoor.jp/rennikki/archives/54741484.html

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