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I Gilasoli sumi-e 水墨画ひまわり

向日葵, sonneblume, zonnebloem, tournesol

Hi-mawari, sunflower in Japanese, means little interesting, because it indicates a flower that turns around toward the sun's movement. Sunflower is litterary a flower of the sun, a shape of which reminds of the sun flaire. In English, German, Dutch,,, the attention takes at flower's shape, however, Asian such as Chinese, Japanese and Latins such as Italian, French, they see the movement of this flower and name after it.

Italin film, "I Gilsoli", shot many beautiful sunflowers veiws. Italian director Vittorio De sica might want to represent the sunflower as people of desperate fate due to a war. He inserted lots of sunflower field cuts. They steals, doesn't move. If he were northern European, his metapher would have the strong will as the sun-shining-flower. Italian gilasoli is the "moving along the sun". So, I assume that he might represent the sunflower as the fate played by the war, unescapable recruting and another life afterwards like the sunflower turns its face along with the sun's unchangable moving, the sun is a country as the fate generator, and the sunflower is us.    

Some says in Korea a flattery is called sunflower. It is suprised that sunflower keeps a negative meaning. Only young sunflowers turns their face along with the sun's move. So Korean means might the unrestness in youth. please let me know, anyone knows this things.   

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hi, hoshi no tsuya san,

sounds romantic! I think the sun gives kindness all the time and all over the world.

The sun might help him/or her?, because the face of sunflower looks like the sun itself :))


Posted by: Kazu | October 26, 2009 at 05:57 PM

Wow, it's so cute. ^^
I really liked the painting, are you the one drawing it? It is so artistic!
Well, there is almost a different legend for sunflowers everywhere.
I live somewhere in Mexico, when I was a kid I heard a legend that told the reason why the sunflower followed the path of the sun.
Would you like to read it?
It goes this way (at least what I can remember, its been a while since the last time I recalled it):
All the flowers where together, and one day, a new flower was born. However, it was far too different from the others, well, it soon would be. The flower was tiny, small, and yellow. I guess it fell in love with the sun. But, since it was so small, it could not reach the sun. The flower grew more and more, till the point it was so tall, the tallest, that it could no longer support by itself again. The flower was so sad, because now it was alone. It was so tall that it couldn't speak with the other flowers, and yet it was not taller enough to reach the sun. The flower felt lonely. One day, the sun heard it cry. The flower told the sun its own story. And the sun was moved by it. The sun decided to help the flower. From then on, the sun would provide the flower with the energy to support itself again. However, the sun couldn't help the flower at night. Therefore, as the sun shined in the day, the flower would always look at it, while at night, it would get down and wait until the morning for the sun to come out.
That is the story of the flower which fell in love with the sun.
What do you think? I think I remembered almost all of it.

Posted by: Hoshi no Tsuya | October 25, 2009 at 01:21 PM

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