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Born: Tokyo, Feb. 1th 1968

Atelier: "Shokido", Nihonbashi, Tokyo


Ph.D.   Kochi Institute of Technology
MBA   Goizueta Buisiness School at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
BA      Waseda University


The beauty is what? It is a flash back of memories. Memories reflects your expierience. Where is the eternal beauty? If there is, it must be in Nature. You have seen the green wood under the blue sky and the yellow sunshine in billions of years. The memory of Nature sustains what it was and is in the brain. There must be forgotten memories. Those hidden memories, however, might take you prompy scene.

Art needs communication. Not everybody, however, has plenty of sense to appriciate. My works tries to stink a passive brain and pull the beautiful flash back out behind.


A marginal imcubents innovation. The integration generates the future. Having hung around science and art, buisiness and art or western and eastern culture, the right and left brain works well to spin images on paper.

Sumi-e Art Initiative:

Buisiness leaders use intuition on decision making. Sumi-e drawing forces intuition as well. The intuition occurs only on your memories in the brain. Winners takes all in history. The golden thumb rule for victory is to keep forwarding until you win.

Atlier: Shokido, 2-10-16 Akasaka Square Bldg. 4th floor-A, Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan 1070052 Phone: +81 3 5549 4404

■水墨画家 志村一隆 略歴■

50ヶ国以上を旅した後、アメリカジョージア州アトランタのエモリー大学ゴイズエタビジネススクールで、MBAを取得。高知工科大学基盤工学科起業家コースで、博士号を取得。2001年(株)ケータイWOWOWを設立、代表取締役に就任。現在、アトリエ嘯氣堂を赤坂に構え、創作活動を行っている。また、Japonism Art Innovationイベント、SEEDS Tokyo Impactを隔月開催、人気を博している。









連絡先: 嘯氣堂 港区赤坂2-10-16 赤坂スクエアビル4F-A

メール: zutaka [ at ] yahoo.co.jp

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