'Transcodism' come to Tokyo.
Till June 30th at Kamiya-cho Restrants, Escriba.(Five minuites walk from Roppongi)
This restaurant is just under the Tokyo Tower. You can get great night view from the roof top terrace.
Enjoy your drift in the deep Tokyo night.

Here's detail info from the gallery blog.

Shimura KAZU is a SUMI-E artist. He creates traditional sumi-e works at his studio in Akasaka (Tokyo) and he also creates digital photo works by technique that takes pictures of original his sumi-e works in resent years.

“SUMI-E is the platform for transcodes of your immanence” His digital photo works are created by this concept. In sumi-e technique, asymmetry composition and the vacant space provokes provoke communication.

Sumi-e colors itself by the memory of viewer. For instance a maple leaf in sumi-e colors either yellow or green depending on what you saw.

“TRANSCODISM” series are created by the action that past memory transcode to future image in brain of audience. And “TRANSCODISM” is the key point of this digital era and it changes the way of communication. “TRANSCODISM” is the art initiative that reflects this social change.

This SUMI-E photo art that descendant from traditional Asian art field are attracted by audienceof art fair in Europe since 2009. And Shimura KAZU pursues his study how does Internet give transformation to media, then he has 2 books to his credit.


6th(Mon.),Jun. - 30th(Thu.),Jun.2011
at Restaurant ESCRIBA
2-2-12 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo tel.03-5545-5450
Open hour: Lunch; 11:00 - 15:00, Tea time; 15:00 - 17:00, Dinner; 17:00 - 23:30
Closed: Sunday and National Holidays
"ESCRIBA" is a roof top restaurant where you can get nice view of Tokyo Tower and the best herb cocktails. It serves pastas, pizza or Spanish tapas.

so, join to get tasty art and dishes collaboration and dig into the blue sea night.
Contact to : Gallery KITAI info@kitaikikaku.co.jp