*Dip the sumi ink in the brush
five steps of ink dip procedure to get gradation
Stump on to turn the ink into brush
First light ink, then take more black one.
The most black ink in the ink stone, is the last dip before starting draw
*Before starting to draw
Well-organized is not good in sumi-e beauty
White space is the part of your work
Keep the elbow the same height, don't snap the hand ankle in order to get the leave tail.
Keep the same power in one stroke otherwise you lose the black ink
Slow in, then push hard, wipe out
Inside start to draw
One group must be close
The angle of leaves needs difference
The space of each leave in-between must be difference
Short start, longer then.
Slide on the point, strong push, then wipe out
Keep the shape right
Need wash out every time your stroke finish
Sumi-ink gets lighter when it dried.
Contrast between black and white is important

How to draw bamboo with sumi ink video

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