I am not a good person at all
Especially in the bath room
I look into the mirror, murmuring how come he doesn't notices it.

At 10:10 a.m., the first smoking time
Jumping on the elevetor down, getting out on the street
The smoke evaporates with her in the sky

I can be myself without her
In the office, she is me
She dominates me on the phone, chat and email

The cloud sweeps away with her
Breathing deep
and I understand I am an element
not of the big brother
but of this bigger mother of the nature
During the day, I am in the cage
The synapse extends throughout the building
Someone's bits swim and walk through the line
The cage world consists of zero and one
It feels it can see the insight with the ommateum

If we have only two sides of face,
I will spend the life with the good and evil
But, I think we have the other one inbetween

I am an element undividable
Smoke of cloud lets me know that
The office is carrying on the zero-one management
Good person of me can handle with it
I can't, I don't want to be good
I wanna be natural