He reads me
Though I wrap the love in deep
I think I can run away it
But I am still on the way of the gate

The network covers over the sky scrapers
He throws the bit through the line
It looms behind me without breathing
He manages me with a logical line

The 'zero and one's on the line build the conviction
They obsesses me like I have only two choices
Small bricks pile up the top
This digital castle is made small element

I think I can hide myself from the search
Index my love as hostage
Crawling the surface on my face
No one can enter my deep

I need free space even when I fall in love with someone
Escape from this logical building
I know I have unindexable element in me
and he has a vis ion in me
The sky tells me that I don't need to distress
Step out and open my mind,
You can love the one you love